About Us

  Child Evangelism Fellowship of Illinois, Northeast Chapter includes ministry to all areas of Lake County, IL. This chapter has been active since the 1950s in this area. To learn more about the international organization of CEF, visit cefonline.com

  Visit the state website by clicking here. To learn more about Illinois' Camp Good News, click here.

Currently serving in the Northeast Chapter are...

 Gail Williams--

Teacher Trainer

Cheryl Zvirblis--

Local Director

Kristi Avakian--

Office Assistant


Gail is now semi retired as she enjoys visiting  with her Grandchildren, gardening and going for walks. She still continues to be involved with CEF training and leads one of the local Good News Clubs. 

Cheryl had been teaching Good News Clubs for 5 years. While seeking  God's will  she decided to pray about becoming more involved in CEF.  After taking Teaching Children Effectively level 1 as well as some training over the summer she said that the most amazing thing was seeing people learn to lead children to Christ and to see children affected by the Gospel.

Kristi proudly serves with CEF helping with clerical tasks so that things run smoothly. The proud mother of three children; Kristi is passionate to be a part of this ministry that helps bring the gospel to children in the area.

Committee Members